Welcome to Advanced Fleet Management Consulting, your innovative partner in vehicle fleet management

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting offers a variety of services and advanced solutions for strategic consulting and operations in organizations that manage a vehicle fleet, in order to provide a service or perform an activity internally in the most efficient and effective way, meeting with a certain level of service and cost.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting’s mission is to provide the best practices, continuous innovation and a high knowledge in vehicle fleet management, in order to meet and exceed expectations and create high added value for its client organizations.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting advises its client organizations in the design, implementation, upgrade, optimization, and cost reduction in all activities involved in vehicle fleet management as shown in the following image.

grafico-AFMC-enActivities for vehicle fleet management.


Advanced Fleet Management Consulting provides its consulting services in a variety of organizations and industries such as: transport of passengers and goods by road, post and courier, municipalities (street cleaning and garbage collection), car rental, vehicle renting, supermarkets with home delivery, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), airports, ports, mining, public works, commercial organizations, army, government, software developers and companies supplying services and products for vehicle fleet management, universities, business schools and investors.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting is a Spanish company and provides consulting services in any country in the world in Spanish and English languages.

Why choosing Advanced Fleet Management Consulting?

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting provides independent and customized solutions, practical and sustainable advice considering the needs, requirements and budget of your organization.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting designs and implements vehicle fleet management considering the objectives and strategy of your organization and its customers.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting designs and implements the best practices and policies to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and environmental impact of your vehicle fleet.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting has great experience and is at the forefront of knowledge, innovation and technology used in vehicle fleet management.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting is an expert in all types of vehicles and technologies such as: light and heavy trucks, pick-ups, vans, cars or street cleaning sweepers.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting is an unique consultancy firm in the market for vehicle fleet management; it combines a high expertise, research, objectivity, independence, personal attention, experience, complex problem solving, creative thinking and advanced consulting in certain activities that other companies on the market do not provide, such as calculating the optimal number of vehicles in your fleet, the capacity of each vehicle and the routes to be covered, establishing a level of service and its associated cost. Advanced Fleet Management Consulting calculates these attributes using the software and the most advanced methods in operational research in this discipline.

If your organization has more vehicles than the optimal number, it will consume more resources than necessary and cost reduction in fuel consumption, number of accidents, maintenance and breakdowns will represent a small amount compared with the cost of acquisition, operation and disposal of vehicles that your organization does not need.

If your organization has fewer vehicles than the optimal number, you will not be able to provide the level of service required and your vehicle fleet will tend to be used beyond its capacity and the number of hours planned and can cause more accidents and breakdowns than expected.

Both practices conceal serious management problems in the design, planning, operation, improvement and optimization of the vehicle fleet and should be avoided.

Advanced Fleet Management Consulting provides innovative and high added value solutions for your organization at competitive prices, please contact us to propose the best solution and quote for your project.