I-CVUE has been lunch for the European Commission with the goals to reduce CO2 emissions in urban environments by increasing the number of electric vehicles in large fleets in urban areas and spread the benefits and the best experiences from the project.

The project will achieve this by mentoring large urban based pan-European fleet operators, offering them free electric vehicle usage analysis and mentoring and creating a framework that authorities can use to set up tailored fleet incentive programs to increase the uptake of electric vehicles according to the specific socio-economic conditions of the city, or region (http://icvue.eu/about).

The project will achieve actual electric vehicle uptake in large urban fleets by analysing their composition and actual vehicle usage and combining this with whole life cost analysis (TCO)(http://icvue.eu/about)

The consortium is set up by 10 prestigious organizations like the Bosch group, the Austrian Energy Agency, the RACC, the Electric Vehicle Union or the Transport for London.

The project is funded by the European Commission within the program “Intelligent Energy Europe”. For more information click the on following link:

Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe