*This research proposes the development and the application of a safety performance indicator which measures the intrinsic safety of a country’s vehicle fleet related to fleet composition.

*This indicator is calculated using vehicle mass only and is easy to apply and satisfies the requirements for appropriate safety performance indicators. It was developed in such a way that it specifically scores the intrinsic safety of a fleet due to its composition, without being influenced by other factors, like helmet wearing.

*Using the vehicle fleet data from 13 EU Member States and Norway, the indicator was used to rank the countries’ safety performance. The UK was found to perform best in terms of its fleet composition, while Greece has the worst performance with the highest indicator value.

*This indicator can be used to compare the safety performance of different countries, and it is particularly useful to monitor the effect of road safety measures. In addition, it can help policy makers to better understand the different factors contributing to the safety performance in a country.

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*Christoph., Michiel, Alexander Vis., Martijn, Rackliff., Lucy, Stipdonk., Henk, 2013; A road safety performance indicator for vehicle fleet compatibility. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 60, 396-401.

A road safety performance indicator for vehicle fleet compatibility