From the 19th to the 20th of April, Amsterdam (NL) will hold the Connected Fleets Europe that focuses on telematics companies and the connectivity in the fleet industry.

*The Trends Changing the Face of Fleet Connectivity:

  • THE DATA CHALLENGE: Understand developments in European data privacy whilst applying advanced mining, analytical and integration techniques for a comprehensive data strategy
  • THE INDUSTRY IS MOVING: Map out the changing state of the European and global industry through market activity and organisational repositioning
  • RENTAL, LEASING & LCVS: Explore the connectivity needs of the biggest growth sectors in the fleet industry. Create the solution these expanding sectors need
  • THE FUTURE OF DELIVERIES: Real time delivery schedules, direct to boot and drones. Understand how innovations in delivery tech. will integrate with the future fleet
  • ADAS TO AUTONOMY: Assess the impact of ADAS systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) on the journey to the autonomous fleet vehicle

*The 2016 agenda is the product of months of independent research and addresses the latest trends and challenegs taht you need to be tackling.

  • Monetising Fleet Data
  • Assisting Fleets with ADAS
  • Connectivity Leading Leasing (Panel)
  • Connecting the Light Commercial Vehicle Market
  • Data Privacy – Opening up the Connected Fleet
  • Advancing Fleet Analytics
  • Fleets Talk Data (Panel)
  • A Holistic Connected Vehicle Efficiency System
  • The State of M&A in the Connected Fleet Sector
  • The Connected Fleet landscape – Where are we Heading?
  • Trends and Developments Shaping the Future of Logistics (Panel)
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Car Rental Fleet Management

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Connected Fleets Europe