From the 17th to the 18th of May, Berlin (Germany) will hold the Telematics conference that brings together key industry innovators, leading OEMs and other important players from across the automotive value chain to discuss the current and future effects of data in the connected car.

*Key Topics to be Discussed:

  • Customer Experience:  From OTA updates to OEM/Dealer collaboration, learn how data is creating an individually tailored UX
  • Smart Car needs Smart Surroundings: Explore how data exchange between city, home and self is enabling the car to become the ultimate personal assistant
  • The Billion User OEM: Discover how new mobility models are helping automakers achieve the scale previously reserved for CE giants
  • Democratising Data: The open source movement comes to data. We assess the impact on innovation of opening up data to third parties
  • Securing Automotive’s Future: Data is a valuable asset. Learn from adjacent industries, such as mobile, to ensure it stays out of harm’s way

*Key features of Telematics Berlin 2016:

  • Uber & Facebook Speak Out: The darlings of future mobility and data take to the stage to reveal how they see the next few years shaping up
  • 20+ Hours of Dedicated Networking: We factor in dedicated networking hours to ensure you have every chance to do face-to-face business with companies from across the value chain – all in 2 days. Telematics Berlin is the place where the industry comes to do deals!
  • Luxury comes to Berlin: The newest car from one of the world’s foremost luxury OEMs makes an appearance to show what’s possible

*Above and beyond networking:

  • 250+ executive attendees. The right people in the right place: Use this opportunity to engage with our unique blend of senior people from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and content producers
  • Dedicated networking time. With dedicated time slots for networking it’s impossible to miss out on those all-important face-to-face meetings – time to close some deals!
  • The Berlin Effect. As the innovative tech hub of Europe, use this chance to meet with young and aspiring companies currently paving their way in the Berlin automotive scene
  • Policy makers. With some of the top policy bodies in the industry attending and speaking our event use this opportunity to be at the forefront of legislative trends

*Representing each part of the industry value chain

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