Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum 2017: 5 December

Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum 2017

Source: FleetEurope

As we did also the previous year we’ll host the fourth edition of the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum the 5th of December. The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum is to be held the day before the Fleet Europe Forum & Awards, at the Palacio Estoril Hotel, next to the Congress center.
We’ll welcome about 200 industry professionals from diverse sections of the remarketing industry: OEMs, RV setters & consultants, leasing companies, car rental companies, remarketing insurance providers, car auctions representatives, refurbishment specialists…
Remarketing is an integral part of today’s fleet management and the European remarketing industry is an important economic sector. But the world of remarketing is complex and challenging with elements like legislation and taxation changes, internationalisation and cross-border flows, technology, digitalisation and Big Data, and the difficult to predict used-car volatility. The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum underwrites the importance of the remarketing business by bringing together experts and focusing on learning via key-note presentations, best practice sharing, and paying attention to new developments, allowing participants to network and create new business opportunities.
This one-day Forum is destined to international Remarketing specialists in Europe – and beyond. The Forum welcomes executives such as: OEMs, operational leasing companies, rental companies, fleet managers; suppliers: remarketing channels, traders, RV setters, rental companies, used car strategy experts, telematics providers and high level international profiles: decision makers, business developers, top management and sales.


5 DECEMBER 2017: Remarketing Forum
Remarketing as We Know It Will Change

Is it really the end of remarketing as we know it? No, of course not, but the rapid, massive changes that are transforming the automotive industry as a whole will also have a profound effect on the international remarketing sector.

→ Technology is totally reshaping the way in which cars are remarketed: increasingly online, directly to end users, and across national borders.

→ As taxation and regulations take aim at diesel, its status as the preferred fleet fuel is increasingly under fire, which is predicted to have a major impact on residual values in the years to come.

→ And the culture shift from owning to sharing with new consumer behaviour is giving rise to different usage methods, also reshaping vehicle remarketing patterns.

In the next few years, these forces will change international remarketing – not gradually, but fundamentally. The fourth edition of the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will delve deep into these and other subjects that will prove crucial to the future of the sector. These changes pose challenges, but also present huge opportunities for remarketing professionals.

The programme will be built around 5 sessions:

1. The Bigger Remarketing Picture: the economic, geopolitical and technological evolution, and its potential impact on remarketing.

2. Present and Future Remarketing Challenges: cross-border trade and vehicle mileage fraud.

3. B2C and B2E: Business Models of the Future: new technology is making the rise for new business models unavoidable. But not everybody is convinced of the direction.

4To diesel or not to diesel: clarifying the blurring diesel picture and the impact on residual values and remarketing.

5Innovation and Inspiration: the nominees for the first-ever International Remarketing Award will give insights into innovation in remarketing.


Registration fee

The entrance fee comprises attendance at :

  • Full Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum Programme (5 December, 09:00 – 18:00)
  • Walking Lunch (5 December, 12:30 – 13:30)
  • Fleet Europe Remarketing Drink followed by a dinner  (5 December, schedule to be confirmed)

Fee: €1050 or €850 early bird rate (register before 20 october 2017)

Note that by registering to the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum you benefit from a €100 discount on your 2017 Fleet Europe Forum and Awards registration.

To register: http://forum.fleeteurope.com/practical-information/registration-fee.html

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