In today’s business environment, driver safety is the top-of-mind concern for fleet managers and stakeholders.  It is an issue that has also caught the attention of mainstream media and general public at large—making the operation of safe fleets a matter of intense public scrutiny. The No. 1 question fleets must answer is how will you navigate your organization through the myriad distracted driving pitfalls, legal compliance, and liability while keeping the company’s employees and the public safe? Now more than ever, you need to educate your drivers and fellow employees to put safety first.

Brought to you by the publishers of the leading fleet publications Automotive Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT), and Work Truck magazines, Fleet Safety Conference is the only conference of its kind designed specifically for fleet, risk, safety, sales, human resources and EHS professionals that offers current and expert insights and practical education  on improving fleet safety.

We have assembled a who’s who of fleet and safety experts who have their finger on the pulse of the latest challenges, trends, and legislation in safety to educate you on how your company’s fleet can avoid risk and minimize liability.  Fleet Safety Conference 2017 will feature separate sessions that focus on the challenges of light duty fleets, medium and heavy duty fleets as well as general sessions for all fleet types. Topics include:

Light Duty Fleets:

  • Collision Avoidance Technologies – Employer Fleet Safety Strategies and Case Studies
  • Making Your Safety Data Work for You
  • Best Practices in Evaluating Applicants and Making Hiring Decisions
  • Impaired Driving – It’s on the Rise and It Involves a Lot More than Just Alcohol
  • Trends in Autonomous Safety Technology

Medium and Heavy Duty Fleets:

  • Collision Avoidance Technologies – Commercial Vehicle Investigations & Case Studies
  • How to Turn ELD Data into a Competitive Advantage
  • How FMCSA’s Rules Change the Industry to Enhance Highway Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: History and What to Expect
  • Best Practices in Mitigating Workplace Violence and Wehicle-Borne Threats

All Fleet Types:

  • Opening Keynote Address: Reaching Zero Crashes: The Role of Advance Driver Assistance Systems
  • Closing Keynote Addresss: Learning from a Best-in-Class Fleet Safety Program
  • General Session: Security Threats Against Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety Awards: Designed to honor the nation’s top commercial- and public-sector safety fleet managers, Fleet Safety Conference, in conjunction with the American Automotive Leasing Association, presents the Fleet Safety Awards, that honor top safety fleet professionals. Candidates with light and medium duty fleets will be eligible for the 2017 Fleet Safety Award, while those with heavy-duty, Class 8 fleets will be eligible for the HDT Safety and Compliance award.

Source: Fleetsafetyconference

To register: http://www.fleetsafetyconference.com/Page/Register.aspx

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