Electric vehicles international conference & show: 5th-6th  of October 2017 Bucarest

Electric vehicles international conference & show: 5th-6th  of October 2017 Bucarest

Since 2001, EV is a hub for electric mobility professionals and also for electric cars enthusiasts. The conference will bring together a number of national and international specialists in the field who will present scientific papers closely related to electric mobility and renewable energy.

EV2017 intends to overcome traditional boundaries of scientific conferences and exhibitions by initiating an efficient dialogue between all parties involved in the e-mobility field – from government and local authorities, companies and users, academic and researchers. Having as main objective the development of electric mobility in Romania, the event sustains and promotes the research partnerships offering the perfect context for networking.

Taking into account the quality of the previous papers published during the EV Conferences, we are pleased to announce that EV 2017 is now an IEEE listed conference and from this edition, the accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore and could be indexed in the ISI Thompson database.


1. Electric Vehicles

1.1. Autonomous Driving
1.2. Systems: propulsion, electronics and drives
1.3. Batteries: Modeling & Safety
1.4. Markets and new technologies

2. Infrastructure for electric mobility

2.1. Smart Grid & Infrastructure & V2G Vehicles
2.2. Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis
2.3. Electrification of transport logistic vehicles

3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility

3.1. EU strategies, EV standards, policy, education, market
3.2. Romanian policy
3.3. Regional and Global Introduction Scenarios

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Electric vehicles international conference & show: 5th-6th  of October 2017 Bucarest

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