Supply Chain Event: 7th-8th November Paris

Supply Chain Event: 7th-8th November Paris

A breakthrough that will move everything on its way. What will be the strength, the impact and effect of this event? What will be the disrupting changes? What is to expect?  What is to anticipate?

Supply Chain Event aims to answer these questions with a «digital» focus and exhibitors who can meet the new challenges in all areas of the Supply Chain:

Strategy, Big Data is one of the fruits of digitalisation the ability to collect and process large quantities of information. With quick and clear access to goods flow data, and with measurement and analysis tools, managers will be able to make the right decisions quickly.

Tactics: Digitalisation provides ways of quickly managing contingencies and providing solutions in crisis situations or seizing new opportunities.

Operations:digital technologies will provide staff with support to meet real-life needs in areas such as transportation, warehousing, procurement and order picking.

The «digital» focus for Supply Chain Event will mean more businesses offering:
-Internet of Things
-Big Data / Artificial intelligence and expert systems
-Collaborative platforms
-Mobile solutions for smartphone and tablets
-Mechanisation and robotics management systems
-3D printing
-Augmented reality

There will also be conferences to hear from professional users of new technologies or experts who have carried out studies in the field. The innovative and forward-looking nature of the subject matter means that there will not be «business» cycles as in previous years. The conferences will look at the 3 dimensions of the Digital Supply Chain: strategy, tactics and operations.

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Supply Chain Event: 7th-8th November Paris

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