Navitech 2018, 24-27th April, Moscow, Russia

Navitech 2018, 24-27th April, Moscow, Russia

NAVITECH: Your New Business Opportunities

Navitech is Russia’s largest project which brings together global leaders of the satellite navigation, navigation and information technologies, geodesy and mapping market.

More than 10 thousand representatives of the business community, government and science from 35 countries will come to NAVITECH to search for new navigation solutions for commercial and social purposes.

NAVITECH: Launch Of New Products

The recent innovation boom in navigation brings many new products. Every year Navitech features the Launch Lounge where one can see about 50 products which are about to enter the market. These presentations are intended to draw the customers’ attention to new products.

NAVITECH: The Highest Density Of Visitors

The average number of unique visitors to each exhibition stand is 14. They represent

  • state-owned enterprises
  • road transport
  • construction
  • rail transport
  • sea and river transport
  • air transport
  • extractive companies
  • agriculture and timber industries
  • public utilities
  • mass consumer market

and many other industry sectors.

NAVITECH: A Strategic Entry Into The Russian Satellite Navigation Market

Thanks to the event’s high international standing, acknowledged by the UFI label, and cooperation of the show runners with the authorities, industry associations and research centres, the Navitech participants get every opportunity to exploit their potential.

Every year the exhibition attracts more and more navigation professionals, many of whom are the world’s leading experts and consumers of the navigation industry.


The exhibition includes the International Navigation Forum.
It is a key event in the field of commercial use of satellite navigation technologies.

The forum’s main aim is to acquaint the Russian audience with

  • the status and development plans of GLONASS and foreign satellite systems
  • the government policy on the commercial use of GLONASS in Russia and abroad
  • innovative technologies
  • the latest navigation equipment and services.

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Navitech 2018, 24-27th April, Moscow, Russia

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