Transport Systems Telematics- 20-24th March 2018.Transport Systems Telematics- 20-24th March 2018.


XVIII conference ”Transport Systems Telematics” TST’18 will take place between 20 and 24 March 2018 as already the 18th international scientific-technical meeting, during which specific achievements and practical applications of telematic systems will be presented. The TST conference enables exchanging experience and learning the most recent technologies and trends in development directions of intelligent transport systems in the area of all modes of transport infrastructure.

The term of intelligent transport systems refers to innovative technological and organisational solutions in transport, facilitating the transport infrastructure operation and improving safety of traffic participants. Intelligent transport systems contribute to the optimisation of transport mobility and to the improving in the transport services quality, which in turn translates into positive economic effects, reduced environmental impact and improved traffic safety.

The conference will be aimed at familiarising the participants with the most recent trends in transport improvements, resulting from the current world achievements of telematics. It will enable a broad exchange of experience and also will facilitate exchange of opinion between practitioners and scientists related to transport.

The conference organisers invite to cooperate everybody, who would like to present their achievements in the fields related to the conference topics. The attendance at the conference will be a good opportunity to present the hitherto achievements and to outline the directions for the transport telematics development.


Conference subjects are connected with generally understood telematics and its use in transport. Papers, in particular, shall be devoted to the following:
– Strategies of implementing transport telematics solutions
– Transport economy and policy
– Intelligent transport systems and their architecture
– Transport steering and management systems
– Telematics services
– Equipping vehicles in telematics means
– Safety of transport telematics systems

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Transport Systems Telematics- 20-24th March 2018

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