Keeping Your Fleet Protected This Winter

Keeping Your Fleet Protected This Winter

Winter has arrived. The time has come to endure the big freeze, wrap up warm and treat those icy roads with that extra bit of caution.

Whilst extra care will be taken by many to protect their vehicles against the cold, it seems that motorists’ main concerns are, rightly, focused on their fellow drivers and the conditions of the roads.

What Are The Main Concerns For Motorists?

According to the RAC’s 2017 report, 16% of motorists believe the main cause for concern on our roads are fellow motorists using a mobile device whilst driving. As colder weather approaches and road conditions worsen, being distracted at the wheel can be disastrous. Local festivities are an excellent excuse for a get together, but the temptation to drink and drive can be too much for some, with drivers under the influence quite rightly worrying 7% of motorists.

Keeping Your Fleet Protected This Winter

Traffic collisions are avoidable, but it’s vital to ensure that you’re insured against the threats posed by distracted drivers and badly maintained roads (the main concern of 10% of polled motorists). Whilst it appears that only 7% consider uninsured and untaxed vehicles the biggest problem on Britain’s roads, with over one million uninsured drivers behind the wheel, it’s no doubt a worry at the back of many motorists’ minds. Be covered for breakdowns this winter with our RAC breakdown products.

Whilst Coversure’s policy is to provide you with excellent motor insurance, exceptional service is always on hand for when you need it most. With a 24 hour claimsline dedicated to handling your call, we’ll try to do what we can to ensure a smooth claim should an accident occur.

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Adequately Insured

If your vehicle of choice is heavier, whether it be a truck, commercial vehicle or van, or you’re a learner driver getting behind the wheel for the first time, the cost of insuring a vehicle can be a concern, especially with the mounting costs of Christmas. 8% of motorists worry about affording cover, though as a legal requirement it’s something you cannot be without.

Getting stranded at roadside is a nightmare at any time of year, but If your main worry this winter is breaking down on the way home, and all you want for Christmas is peace of mind, built in RAC cover options are available with our car and motorbike insurance, helping you get on your way.

How Can You Keep Your Vehicle On The Road This Winter?

Being insured can get you a long way, not only on the right side of the law, but also on the roads. There are many things you can do to ensure that your vehicle is in the best of health this season. With common issues such as:

• Alternator and battery failure
• Blown headlight bulbs
• Windscreen wiper and washer issues
• Frozen locks and doors
• Broken road coil springs
• Punctures

Frequently causing drivers yuletide misery, it’s no surprise that an estimated half a million cars will breakdown this December alone. With this in mind, here some of the key aspects of your vehicle to monitor so that you can increase the chances of your car performing well this winter.

1) Running out of fuel is a nightmare scenario for many. The idea of being stuck at the roadside, particularly on a motorway without any fuel to get home is stomach churning. Ensuring that you have a tank full of fuel may seem like an obvious point to make, but it can save you a massive amount of stress. Careful, cars use up more fuel in stop and start conditions (8% of motorists are concerned about congestion, quite rightly), so don’t take chances, if you think you might need to stop and fuel up, do it.

2) Similarly checking your oil before you head off can help avoid costly engine damage and inevitably breaking down.

3) For those who don’t need to travel much during the festive season, be aware that your car may not start if left for too long. Car batteries don’t produce as strong an electrical current in the cold, oil thickens and doesn’t pass through the engine as easily either, putting strain on the battery, quickly draining it and causing more issues.

4) Winter tyres may not be high on your shopping list this Christmas, but it may be worth the investment. How the rubber wears on your tyres can indicate how well your vehicle is performing, including issues with steering and tyre pressure. Having a set of winter tyres for when the cold comes in can keep your car in excellent condition until the warmer weather.

5) Finally, and vitally, check your vehicle’s electrics. Ensuring that all lights, fog lights, indicators and dashboard lights are working will not only increase your road safety, but will also ensure you know when your vehicle has a problem. Replacing fuses and bulbs as required rather than putting it off will not only protect yourself, but other road users.

If you have any worries about your vehicle’s health, talk to your local garage or mechanic.

Like Some More Help?

Well we hope that’s given you some food for thought. If you’d like to know more about saving money on your fleet costs, or would like some help getting the fleet insurance cover that’s right for you, then please contact us. You can call us free on 0800 977 6037, email us by clicking here or get a no-obligation insurance quote here.


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