Connected vehicles conference 2018: 14-15 March Bengaluru (India)Connected vehicles conference 2018: 14-15 March Bengaluru (India)

Connected Vehicles 2018 is the ultimate platform to showcase your devices & solutions to the evolving automotive technology market.

«Automotive and IT industry is preparing for the next big thing in India, Vehicle Telematics or specifically the dawn of Connected Vehicles. In order to connect various stakeholders involved in the connected vehicle, Telematics Wire is organizing Connected Vehicles 2018, International conference cum exhibition that brings together the experts practitioners and policy makers. It will serve as a forum to connect with the big players and discuss the business possibilities of connected vehicles with the senior level executives from the telematics industry.”

Hot topics to be discussed:

  • Connected Cars: Innovation Driven by Data
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment for a Hyper-Personalized User Experience
  • Sync the Smart Car with the Smart Mobility
  • IoT’s impact on Automotive and Mobility
  • Building Cybersecurity Standards & Best Practice
  • Mapping Technologies & Traffic Data for Transportation
  • Connected Fleet Telematics
  • Enhancing the Customer Relationship through Telematics
  • Consumer Electronics for Connected Vehicles
  • Sustainable Business Model

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Connected vehicles conference 2018: 14-15 March Bengaluru (India)
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