TU-Automotive Detroit Conference, June 6-7, 2018, Detroit (USA)

TU-Automotive Detroit is the world’s biggest conference and exhibition showcasing the future of the connected & autonomous vehicles. Join us in Novi on June 6-7.

The world’s largest conference on automotive technology this year will feature in-depth tracks on ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities & Urban Mobility, Connected Services, Data and more.

With 3250 executives attending from automakers, tier 1’s, startups, investors, TSPs, software developers and more, don’t miss this valuable networking opportunity.

Embrace Partnerships & Align Strategic Goals to Deliver Intelligent Automated Electric Mobility

Get to grips with the steps you need to take now to champion the new automotive era:

  • Rethink Connectivity: Fully realize the applications of V2X & embrace emerging tech. like edge computing to deliver the services & functionality that will enable autonomy & sharing
  • Strengthen The Auto Immune System: From tech. such as OTA to best practices, collaborate to build robust end-to-end cybersecurity defenses
  • Are You Consumer Ready? Prepare your marketing & retail branches for the roll-out of new tech. & services. Equip your people on the front line to engage & educate consumers
  • Cities & Auto Unite: Connect infrastructure, combine data sets & roll out mobility services that complement existing transit. Make auto an essential part of the smart city!
  • Supercharge E-Mobility Uptake: Debunk consumer myths, develop new battery tech. and expand charging infrastructure to make alt. fuels the easy, sustainable choice

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TU-Automotive Detroit Conference, June 6-7, 2018, Detroit (USA)

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