Avoid Breakdown This Winter

Avoid Breakdown This Winter

As the colder weather sets in, your motor vehicle becomes more vulnerable to breaking down. This can be hugely inconvenient, time-consuming, expensive and potentially dangerous to yourself, your passengers and other road users.

Here at Coversure, we care about our customers’ safety and want to help you keep your motor vehicle where it belongs this winter, on the road. To help you do just that, here are our top tips for happy winter motoring.

Check Your Battery – demands on your vehicle’s battery increase during the colder months as we use our lights, heaters and wipers more frequently. If your battery is more than 5 years old and showing signs of struggling, it might be time to get it replaced. To conserve your battery don’t forget to unplug your electrical devices and make sure your lights and car radio are switched off when your journey ends.

Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids – your vehicle relies on fluids to keep it running. Fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, windscreen washer and power steering fluid are all key to keeping you on the move. So before the frost and darkness descend, get out to the garage and check your various fluid levels are where they need to be. Better to do it now than at the side of some darkened road…

Servicing – it’s important to check your motor vehicle regularly for potential problems and to perform essential maintenance before something goes wrong. A full service ahead of the onset of the most demanding time year, winter, will look at some of the key functioning areas such as the brakes, cylinder head, radiator, water pump, gasket and hoses and help see you through till spring.

Tyres – It’s a shocking statistic that over 60% of drivers spend at least part of the year driving on under or over-inflated tyres. Incorrect tyre pressure can cause issues with your vehicle’s handling, reduce fuel efficiency and cause accidents which will have a significant knock-on effect on your motor insurance. Checking your tyre pressure is the easiest piece of vehicle maintenance that you can do, so next time you fill your tank, fill your tyres too.

Make Sure Your Breakdown Cover is up to Date

Breakdowns and accidents happen, and in the unfortunate event that it happens to you it’s good to know that you have breakdown cover to hand. With Coversure, our motor insurance customers have the option to include RAC breakdown cover including Roadside Recovery, Home Start or Full European cover. With the winter now setting in, such cover is a small price to pay for great peace of mind.

Any Questions? Contact Your Local Coversure Office

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy a stress-free winter of driving. If you’d like any help with getting the right breakdown insurance or motor insurance costs for you, then please contact your local Coversure office by clicking here now.

Like Some More Help?

Well we hope that’s given you some food for thought. If you’d like to know more about saving money on your fleet costs, or would like some help getting the fleet insurance cover that’s right for you, then please contact us. You can call us free on 0800 977 6037, email us by clicking here or get a no-obligation insurance quote here.


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Andy Price
Managing Director

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