How Rental Car Companies Can Improve the Customer Experience

When signing the contract, customers don’t want to be overwhelmed by a long contract that they must sign multiple times.

When choosing a rental car company, what does a customer look for? What makes a company stand out from the competition?

Dan Gingiss of CMO Network wrote an article posted on that details five ways that he believes a rental car company can improve its customer service experience and make the process simpler:

  • The contract: When signing the contract, customers don’t want to be overwhelmed by a long contract that they must sign multiple times. Rental companies should make the contract less intimidating by using icons and easy-to-understand language. Another idea is converting the contract process to an app. Desk employees need to be trained on how to properly explain the process to each customer.
  • The gas: There are usually two choices. Either you pay for a tank of gas upfront or you let the rental company fill the tank when you return it (usually at a rate that’s more than the average fill-up price). It would be helpful for a rental company to offer a “worry-free” return policy where it charges a customer a more reasonable price per gallon of gas used.
  • The insurance: Many customers don’t understand all the features of an insurance policy, especially when it comes to rental car insurance. A lot of customers end up paying twice for the same insurance; they pay to their auto insurance company and to the rental car company. What if a rental car company added $2 to $3 to every rental and insured each vehicle automatically instead of offering a $20 per day insurance option?
  • The tolls: Rental car companies charge customers a per-day fee for having the E-Z toll pass device in the rental car. It’s charged even if a customer doesn’t use the device. What if a rental car company equipped the car with the toll device but it was already included in the price of the rental?
  • The vehicle: Rental companies could add a little extra to each car to help the experience stand out. Examples include bottles of water or mints in the vehicle when it’s picked up. Adding a thank-you note for being a customer with a telephone number if the person needs help with anything. Partnering with Sirius XM to equip all the rental vehicles with the radio service.



Fleet management is the use of a set of vehicles in order to provide services to a third-party, or to perform a task for our organization, in the most efficient and productive manner with a determined level of service and cost.

Fleet management activities are shown in the following graph 1:

fleet management activities

Graph 1: fleet management activities

The proposal audit analyses and assesses all fleet management activities shown in the graph 1, and its main goals are:

  • Know the overall status of the fleet management activities
  • Provide the analysis, the assessment, the advice, the suggestions and the actions to take in order to cut costs and increase the efficiency and efficacy of the fleet management  activities

With the information obtained, we’ll elaborate a report that holds the overall status of the fleet management as well as the suggestions, recommendations and the measures to take in order to cut costs and optimize the fleet management activities.


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