Jaguar Land Rover Developing a ‘Moving’ Seat

The seats will feature micromovements on the left and right side in order to make the driver’s brain believe the driver is walking. Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new seat meant to improve driver well-being by addressing the health concerns that come with sitting down for too long.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Body Interiors Research division is trialing a “morphable” seat that uses a series of actuators in the seat foam to create constant micro-adjustments that make your brain think you’re walking.

The company noted that by simulating the rhythm of walking, the technology can help mitigate against the health risks that come with sitting down for too long. The seats, the company added, could also be tailored to the driver and passengers.

Sitting in a vehicle for extended periods of time is something that fleet drivers are all too familiar with.

Health risks from being sedentary for too long include shortened muscles in the legs, hips, and gluteals, which can cause back pain. Weakened muscles also increase the likelihood of injury from falls or strains, Jaguar Land Rover noted.



Fleet management is the use of a set of vehicles in order to provide services to a third-party, or to perform a task for our organization, in the most efficient and productive manner with a determined level of service and cost.

Fleet management activities are shown in the following graph 1:

fleet management activities

Graph 1: fleet management activities

The proposal audit analyses and assesses all fleet management activities shown in the graph 1, and its main goals are:

  • Know the overall status of the fleet management activities
  • Provide the analysis, the assessment, the advice, the suggestions and the actions to take in order to cut costs and increase the efficiency and efficacy of the fleet management  activities

With the information obtained, we’ll elaborate a report that holds the overall status of the fleet management as well as the suggestions, recommendations and the measures to take in order to cut costs and optimize the fleet management activities.


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