My name is José Miguel Fernández Gómez and I’m the entrepreneur behind Advanced Fleet Management Consulting, with this project I want to make available to my clients my experience and knowledge acquired during my professional and academic career, and to have a qualitative and quantitative leap in both my career and my personal life.

I consider myself an excellent professional to advise your organization in vehicle fleet management since I have the training, experience and knowledge in two fundamental key aspects for managing your vehicle fleet in the most efficient and effective way, meeting with a certain level of service and allocated budget, such as: vehicle technology and the design, implementation, organization, planning, control, monitoring and improvement of activities and processes for vehicle fleet management.

I have the following experience in vehicle fleet management:

My last work experience was working as a Research Fellow at the Social Innovation Centre-Humanitarian Research Group at Insead (INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group) (France), one of the best business schools in the world (INSEAD). I performed consulting and research activities on a project for the refugees organization of the United Nations (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR), optimizing the size and management activities of the vehicle fleet, which this organization has distributed worldwide (6,500 vehicles).

I worked as a fleet manager for five years for the company that managed the service of street cleaning in Madrid (Urbaser). I managed a fleet of 1,000 vehicles, consisting of various technologies and types of vehicles such as: heavy and light vehicles, vans, cars or sweepers. I started researching on optimizing the activities of vehicle fleet management and developed some models that I used in this company, publishing in an international congress on industrial engineering a model for choosing and managing the tires in a vehicle fleet.

Besides, I have work experience implementing the ISO 9001 standard in a lens manufacturing company, and in mechanical design and maintenance in several companies.

I’ve done all my academic qualifications at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, one of the best universities in Spain; my educational background is as follows:

I have a PhD in Industrial Engineering, International mention, as I did research residencies at the University of Liverpool (UK) and the Royal Institute of Technology-KTH (Sweden). My doctoral thesis was on the vertical disintegration in the automotive industry, publishing several articles in academic journals and at international conferences on industrial engineering; I am also an Industrial Organization Engineer and Industrial Engineering in the Mechanics branch and I did a Masters in Operations Direction, Technological Quality and Innovation (CEPADE) and a Masters in Organization Engineering and Industrial Management.

My best skills and qualities are: strong analytical skills and synopsis of information, analytical and abstract thinking, and creativity and innovation to solve complex problems.